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Futbol. Disputa de balonHere at Tucson Chiropractor Dr. Jesus Bernal’s office we are specialists in athletic injuries with an emphasis on correcting and preventing musculo-skeletal injuries and biomechanical imbalances. Our clinical experience and ongoing active participation in sport gives us a unique approach to treating athletes. We treat athletes of all ages and abilities, from local beginners and first time participants to international world-class athletes. Dr. Bernal’s expertise covers all athletic injuries and also common aches and pains experienced with everyday life.


Our approach and goals remain consistent for each of our patients:

  • Identify and correct the current problem 
  • Teach the individual to manage their injury while it heals 
  • Determine a specific plan to prevent future occurrence 

All treatments are personalized for the individual and their specific needs. We are not a 5 minute “in-and-out” chiropractic clinic. A proper diagnosis and treatment takes time, so initial visits can take up to an hour and returning visits are usually up to a half-hour, one on one with the doctor. Each visit is a combination of a complete movement analysis using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, and a combination of the most current and effective manual therapy and corrective rehab techniques. If you are looking for a quick “rack and crack” chiropractic visit, we would be happy to make a recommendation for you.

Another reason Tucson Chiropractor Jesus Bernal’s office stands apart from the rest, is we know our limitations. We promise that we will be honest with your prognosis and we will not string you along with never-ending treatments. If we don’t think we can help you in our office, we will get you to someone who will. Because many problems are complex in nature, with additional help needed from other sources, we work with a network of the best sports medicine healthcare professionals in the area.

We look forward to helping you in any way we can. Use the form on the right and contact us today!