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Life is great and full of endless possibilities for most people but it’s up to you on how to get the most from your body and the way it moves at your command. This is the feeling that most people long to have but have been restricted by unbearable pain and anguish that limits their capabilities of getting the most out of life. Bernal Chiropractic, otherwise known as Rio Rico Health & Wellness is committed to helping you regain the passion and purpose for living life to the fullest. We provide services that help individuals incorporate the essentials of healthy living into everyday life. It all begins with a nervous system that functions properly by experiencing good sleep patterns, mental awareness, nutritional value and of course, exercise that is designed for your body type.


The Healthy Alternative


There is no denying that medicine and surgeries play an important role in the specs of feeling great and the well-being of individuals effected by incidents such as auto accidents, pregnancies or the impact of sports that can alter the way you move or even feel from day to day. These are only a small range of those affected because people who lead normal lives with no exposure to any of the before mentioned can suffer from the onset of pain felt during movement as well. The concern is greater in instances where the pain is due to no direct impact of any kind because individuals begin to accept it and think that it’s a common part of life that comes and goes. Rio Rico Health & Wellness can help by finding the source of your symptoms and solutions that help you to feel great and move better than ever before.



Services Offered


  • Extensive Chiropractic Care
  • Massage Therapy
  • Clinical Weight –loss provisions
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Physiotherapy


A Proven Approach


At Rio Rico Health & Wellness, we aim to offer you an experience that is based on Natural Healthcare that eliminates the barriers that have been placed by medicines and surgeries. There are healthier alternatives available that work to get you up and moving and feel awesome while doing so. We are a Tucson Chiropractor that wants you to feel your best and offer methods that treat your symptoms and give you quality care during the process. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and let’s get you started on your path to wellness by discovering how your body functions as a whole.